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Welcome to Kaleidesign

A world where everything is a work of art.

A world of perfect imperfection.

The exciting new art form that brings together concepts, design, artwork, craft and skill

to play with your senses of touch, smell and sight.


Kaleidesign - There are no two exactly alike - anywhere!

Our flagship products …

 Glass Art

 Soap Art

 Candle Art

 Resin Art


 Sand Art 

Each piece is a unique artwork in its own right, no

matter how small, so no two will ever be exactly alike.

Unlike a mechanical kaleidoscope which has a set structure, these have no constraints, allowing a fluid and beautiful series of patterns to emerge. The colours literally dance with each element until they settle into a final form.

This is a gifting solution that makes beautiful and

unique gifts when you need to get something special

for someone that is unique, thoughtful and classy

without costing a fortune.


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